Creating insight for successful energy transition

Energy is the pivot of global prosperity and wellbeing. Societies depend upon access to reliable, affordable, secure and sustainable energy.  Energy systems are changing fast, shaped by many factors and diverse actors.

Energy transition is nothing new. However, today’s challenges of managing a successful and global energy transition are unprecedented. Energy is not just a sector; energy developments impact and are impacted by developments in some of the most significant systems around the globe – power, transport, industry, food, buildings. At the same time, the accelerating pace of technological innovation and convergence brings new challenges and opportunities.

Energy Transition Toolkit

In the drive to impact, members of the Council have developed five transition tools to help them to define, better manage and collaborate effectively on successful energy transitions.

These tools – which can be used individually or in combination – enable the development of new, timely and actionable insights. The flexibility of the toolkit recognises there are different starting points and a no ‘one size fits all’ approach to a successful transition. The tools can be used to support interventions on a global, regional, national, sectoral, and/or cross-sectoral basis.

The tools available include:

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